ImageThis is me. Well, let’s be more formal.

Hi! My name is April.  I’m pretty excited that you’re reading this and about to embark on this random adventure in my life because each day I’ll be coming here and telling you all about my awesome life.  I’m a “chef” I put that in quotes because I have not been in the business for that long but sometimes I like to think I have been especially when I come up with something really awesome for dinner at times.  You’ll definitely hear about those days. ;) Baking is the best escape for me. I find it very relaxing since it is exact, you can’t screw it up! Okay, maybe you can… but that’s rare. possibly…

I like working out, basically whenever I find the time.  So you’ll hear about that as well, and if you enjoy Crossfit, then welcome crossfitter!! I hope that you will share with me your knowledge about working out and Paleo as well. :)

This was a bit random, but as this blog goes on I hope to find you more interested and posting ideas you’d like to read about and such. I’m definitely open to writing about ideas.  More goofy than serious, since that’s how I am.  So take the time to read more about me and any other posts you may find intriguing. Enjoy my friends. :)



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