Why DC?

So you’re probably wondering why it’s called “DC’s Adventures” and my name definitely does not start with either of those letters.  Well its the abbreviation of a nickname my boyfriend and his best friend call me.  They think it’s hilarious. And well it is kind of funny…

DC stands for Dinglecreary. I don’t really know how in the world they came up with such a nick name but they did. Boys will be boys?.. All I know is that it began when we were playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 one night, yes I do play video games… that’s right! So while we were playing, Nic (my boyfriends best friend) starts calling me Dinglecreary.  It stuck. But then again I have many nicknames that have seem to stuck around for quite a while; such as: Ape, Ape-dawg, A-mac and now Dinglecreary.

Such creativity these people have with the names they come up with. But that’s what makes life enjoyable right? Being able to laugh at yourself and what others do… etc.  Well at least I try to laugh most of the time.  It may not be funny at first but after a while it seems to become funny.  Making sense?

I should probably post pictures of these two since you’ll be hearing a lot about them. So here we go.

The picture of Nic is kinda funny. We were at Braum’s one night after seeing a movie and he put those glasses on. I called him Grandpa Nikki. We laughed… Nic, if you ever read this, I ask that you only laugh at this picture, since it is on Facebook after all!


My wonderful boyfriend! :)

My wonderful boyfriend! :)

This guy ^ is awesome.  We have been together almost 3 years and I couldn’t of asked for a better person to be with :)  He’s funny, caring, respectful, nerdy… lol.  He seriously geeks out about shoes. He can basically tell you anything about any shoe, how it’s made what it is made out of etc. He loses me sometimes when he talks about shoes because I don’t know what he is referencing sometimes but in the end the point has been made and I understand it… well mostly.  He is currently studying Nursing at UTA. Nikki and Drew go to school together, not for the same major but, hey! at least they get to see each other daily!

Anyways back to Drew, he and I did track together. Which is how we met! Two and a half years of strong friendship and many mission trips later he finally asked me out.. at his church. It was sweet :) Which brings us to the first date. We went to the movies and saw A-Team, why yes, it was an action film and yes I do like action films! Actually more than romance movies. Surprise, I’m a tomboy! Maybe that’s how I hooked Drew… haha He likes Christian Rap and Metal.  Which is one of the reasons I kind of got into the heavier metal instead of just listening to that 80’s hair metal all of the time.  I like that we both have been the same ever since we started dating. Our personalities have not changed much and I like that because a lot of couples you see that have been together for a while start to act differently and all that random stuff I don’t really need to go off on the side about. (which happens a lot by the way. I have a very short attention span, so bear with me!) All that said he is my best friend and I love him :)

Drew's best friend.

Drew’s best friend, Nic.


And I have one more person I’d like you to meet. She is my best friend. Her name is Kylee, and she is a goofball just like me. :) She’s an amazing singer and is going to school right now in Tennessee. How cool is that?! You’ll hear a lot about her too. I call her Crouching Tiger. Again another weird nickname that stuck. And that’s what makes our relationship awesome. We started talking around Junior year and it has been great :) She’s a hippie and a songwriter. If you want to go check out some of her songs you should definitely go check out her website. http://kyleefaith.com/  she is very very talented and will go far.  Whenever she comes to town we enjoy tagging Nikki’s car. That seems to be our thing every single time she comes to town. We always go and write on Nikki’s car. He doesn’t like it. But it’s always funny.

We are always hyper and laughing loudly all the time, we loveeeeeeee chocolate. That is no understatement either… Seriously like bags every time she is over. We stay up late just randomly talking about things and then start laughing again and then can’t go to sleep. True story.  I miss her and love her. I wish she would come back to Texas soon!

My best friend :)

My best friend :)


Sooo that’s it for today. You’ve met some people I will talk about a lot. I hope you enjoyed my randomness and that you will continue on the adventure with me everyday :)







ImageThis is me. Well, let’s be more formal.

Hi! My name is April.  I’m pretty excited that you’re reading this and about to embark on this random adventure in my life because each day I’ll be coming here and telling you all about my awesome life.  I’m a “chef” I put that in quotes because I have not been in the business for that long but sometimes I like to think I have been especially when I come up with something really awesome for dinner at times.  You’ll definitely hear about those days. ;) Baking is the best escape for me. I find it very relaxing since it is exact, you can’t screw it up! Okay, maybe you can… but that’s rare. possibly…

I like working out, basically whenever I find the time.  So you’ll hear about that as well, and if you enjoy Crossfit, then welcome crossfitter!! I hope that you will share with me your knowledge about working out and Paleo as well. :)

This was a bit random, but as this blog goes on I hope to find you more interested and posting ideas you’d like to read about and such. I’m definitely open to writing about ideas.  More goofy than serious, since that’s how I am.  So take the time to read more about me and any other posts you may find intriguing. Enjoy my friends. :)